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Daeyang Medical

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Product Information

  • Model:Pointron801
  • Certification:CE
  • Net Weight:30kg
  • Dimension:37(W) 41(D) 105(H) cm
  • Packaging Details:2P vacuum hose, Vacuum cup, Acupuncture cable
  • Brand Name:Daeyang Medical
  • Trademark:DY
  • Place of Origin:KOREA
  • Warranty:1 year


Needle-Free Acupuncture


GOLD SPIKE POINT (GSP) Low Frequency Electrotherapy is one of the most advanced forms of low frequency electrical stimulation available in the world today.



Aching Pain Treatment is used for 2 people simultaneously

One-Touch Way Simple Program Setting Method

Scientific Mechanism based 16 Types of Various Programs Built in

Habitual Stimulation Prevented by Stimulating 3 kinds of Frequency in Random

Auto Zero Start Function of which volume is turned automatically off after treatment is over

Suction Function is built in so that the device can be conveniently used in a small space

Suction strength Level Freely Selectable


The G.S.P. electrodes used in G.S.P therapy are uniquely designed to enable medical practitioners to achieve results comparable with needle electro-acupuncture while eliminating the many disadvantages associated with needle usage. Significantly, medical practitioners may successfully utilize G.S.P. therapy without the requirement of extensive acupuncture training or acupuncture qualifications.

Conical shaped, silver-plated brass G.S.P. electrodes guarantee accurate transference of electrical current

to selected treatment points.

The ingenuously designed G.S.P. electrodes enable both deep and peripheral stimulation to a wide range of treatment points on the body.


Treatment Points

Acupuncture Points

Neurological Points

Ryodoraku Points

Reflexive Points

Tender Points

Contra-lateral Points

Nerve block points

Motor Points



Model Name : Pointron 801

Power Input : AC220V, 60Hz

Max. Power Consumption : 38W

Mains Fuses : 2xT2a (5x 20mm)

Dimensions : 37(W) 41(D) 105(H) cm

Weight : 30Kg

Output Frequency : 1~160Hz

Max. Output Current : 19.5mA RMS

Pulse Width : 50

Treatment Mode : P-Mix, Interval, Continuous

Treatment Time : 60m max.

Max. Vacuum Pressure : 200mm.Hg

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