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Daeyang Medical

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Product Information

  • Model:Tractiger202
  • Certification:CE
  • Net Weight:50kg
  • Dimension: 55(W) 242(D) 194(H) cm
  • Packaging Details:Bed, Lumber belt, Cervical belt, Shoulder belt, Chair, Pillow, Emergency switch, Cusion
  • Brand Name:Daeyang Medical
  • Trademark:DY
  • Place of Origin:KOREA
  • Warranty:1 year


Traction Unit





Adjustable holding weight (Max. traction) and resting weight (Min. holding).

For example, it can tract up to 30Kg release to 10Kg .

Adjustable traction speed to fast or slow mode.

Actual traction is displayed in digital system.

Max. traction of 50Kg (110lbs) and Cervical-Lumbar combination.

It can be set to precious exclusive cervical state with Max.

Current operation is displayed as Hold - Release - Pull - Rest.

If there happens any malfunction or breakdown, it is displayed by indicating as service, overload, Min > Max or remote, alarming the buzz.

Right previous program is stored in memory automatically.

Weight and stimulation time are displayed in exact digital system.



Model Name : Tractiger 202

Power Input : AC220V, 60Hz

Max. Power Consumption : 100W

Dimensions : 55(W) 242(D) 194(H) cm

Weight : Unit-10Kg, bed -40kg

Traction Load : 50Kg (Max)

Rest Time : 0~99(sec)

Hold Time : 0~99(sec)

Treatment Time : 99min max.

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