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Daeyang Medical

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Product Information

  • Model:DynaPulse
  • Certification:CE
  • Net Weight:50Kg
  • Dimension: 54(W) 48(D) 120(H) cm
  • Brand Name:Daeyang Medical
  • Trademark:DY
  • Place of Origin:KORE
  • Warranty:1 year


Pulsed High Peak Power Electromagnetic Energy





DynaPulse is Pulsed Non-Thermal Electromagnetic Therapy

Dynapulse directs electromagnetic energy to a specific body area, even through clothing, casts, or bandages, via a cylindrical treatment head mounted on an adjustable bracket.

The technology does not cause side effects or require patient involvement.

Because the device pulses its electromagnetic output, it emits energy for only a fraction of time, allowing any heat associated with the transferred energy to dissipate.

Dynapulse's electromagnetic output is often pulsed at 600 pulses per second with each pulse lasting 65 microseconds. (1 second = 1million microseconds).

Hence, this pulse rate corresponds to the device being off 25 times longer than it is on.



Safe, Effective, Easy to Use

Approximately 80 Seconds to Apply

Treats through dressings

No Contraindications

No Side Effects

Provides Patient Comfort

An excellent adjunct to spee patient recovery



Model Name : DynaPulse

Power Input : AC220V, 60Hz

Max. Power Consumption : 550W

Dimensions : 54(W) 48(D) 120(H) cm

Weight : 50Kg

Frequency : 27.12 MHz

Pulse Frequency : 80~600 Hz

pulse width : 65

Time : 1~99 min

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