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Product Information

  • Model:CBT3000
  • Certification:CE
  • Net Weight: 18 kg
  • Dimension:80(W) x 25(D) x 110(H) cm
  • Brand Name:Deayang Medical
  • Trademark:DY
  • Place of Origin:KOREA
  • Warranty:1 year


Carbon Arc Light Therapy




Carbon light therapy is a kind of spectral light which utilizes professional medical equipment with medical carbon rods, and then produce the arc by electrode of the electric apparatus. Including: infrared, ultraviolet, visible light and natural light(combined light).

 CBT3000 .jpg

How it works?

During the arc burning process, it generates many biological effect, electromagnetic effect and chemical light effects. Restrained by the cover, the carbon light flashed out for the body physical treatment, the surface could reach 2500-3000 degrees or so.

Thermal radiation will produces warm effect, its illuminate process is a very moderate heat treatment, the light goes through the human body channel and generate acupuncture effect, penetrate the skin deep into the cells of the body, and can activate the lymphatic system, which accelerates the blood circulation and flow process.



The visible light has the following functions: repair the genic hurted by ultraviolet ray to adjust the body function, improve microcirculation and increased the body immunity, which can effectively restrain the growth of the bacteria and to diminish inflammation, relieve pain, sterilization effect.



The range of carbon light treatment is very wide, which are effective to many diseases. The purpose of

light therapy is to strengthen the people’s ability to combat disease and natural cure ability. All these

are very important for the common people.


Practical Benefits

Make the wound healing

Generate vitamin D and Ca,

Improve the immune system

Increase blood flow and blood circulation.

Detoxify the body


Clinical Benefits

Acute pain, Chronic pain and injury, headaches, knee, sequelae of injuries, sprains, burns, Allergy, Eczema, atopic dermatitis, senile pruritus, hay fever and other



Model Name : CBT3000

Power Input : AC220V, 60Hz

Dimensions : 80(W) x 25(D) x 110(H) cm

Weight : 18 kg

Maximum Power Consumption : 300VA

Classification (EN60601-1) : Class 1, Type B

Fuses : 2A x 2

Wavelength : 200~2100nm

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